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MF Sushi (Closed)

Update:  September 2013

This restaurant had a fire and is not currently open.

First Reviewed:  June 2013

                                   Fish So Very Fresh
                                An Oasis In This Heat
                                     This is MF Good

This sushi newcomer has made quite a splash as its chef/owner, Chris Kinjo, ports his magic from Atlanta to an unassuming strip center at the corner of Westheimer and Fountainview.  Perhaps we were behind the foodie curve, but we first heard about this curiously named place when we read that a number of local chefs were touting the freshness of the fish and the chef’s deft knife skills.  That was quickly followed by Alison Cook’s four star rating.  Out we went one recent Saturday evening to sit at the sushi bar and try the Omakase (chef’s pleasure) dinner.

Unlike Uchi or Kata Robata, this Omakase dinner was all about raw fish — either sashimi or nigiri, no rolls.  There are a few hot dishes on the menu, but this is a traditional sushi restaurant, not Asian fusion.  And we had an amazing experience.  From start to finish, the fish was fabulously fresh.  While our helpful and efficient waitress gave us a dish of freshly grated wasabi, which was quite a treat, we only used soy sauce and wasabi on one of the many courses.  Not sure how many dishes we had, we weren’t counting, just eating.   The initial dish was a delicious warm seaweed soup into which we stirred a raw quail egg yolk.  The chef then started us off with a variety of sashimi dishes, simply presented, with little adornment.  The salmon belly was a particular highlight.  We’d read that the chef really shines with nigiri.  The dewy fish lay on lightly formed grains of rice with a hint of wasabi and soy sauce, arriving with instructions from the chef to eat in one bite.  Multiple bites came our way and we followed instructions well, enjoying everything we tried.

In the interest of journalism, we separately ordered the fried calamari for dessert.  It was nicely done and, if variety is our goal on our next visit to MF Sushi, we’ll consider ordering one or more hot dishes and perhaps one of the beautifully presented rolls we saw the kitchen turn out.  But the real reason to come to MF Sushi is for the raw fish, served in all its pristine wonder.

5887 Westheimer