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Glass Wall


We realized that three years had passed since we last dined at Glass Wall.  This restaurant has been going strong  since it first opened its doors in this redeveloping area of the Heights.  It’s consistently crowded, and it’s rare to hear about a bad experience (although it’s also hard to hear what your partner is saying as well with the acoustics).  The shaky service we experienced on our prior visit has had plenty of time to smooth out.  Our reservation (advisable every day of the week) was honored right on time, and our waiter was on top of things all night.  Why more restaurants don’t leave a bottle of chilled water on the table is beyond us.  It’s a wonderful convenience. 

We shared the barbecued rib appetizer.  The pork was moist and delicious.  We aren’t fans of heavily sauced ribs, but the naked version we were served would have benefited from a sturdier glaze or side sauce.   We tried the skirt steak sided with chorizo mashed potatoes and sliced tomatoes with cotilla cheese; it was tender, nicely marinated and cooked to the requested medium rare.  The chorizo mashed potatoes certainly did not skimp on the chorizo, a plus for this writer’s tongue.  (We enjoyed it for lunch the next day as well when the kitchen generously cooked us another full serving after our leftovers got lost.)   We also liked a special of jumbo grilled shrimp with crawfish mashed potatoes and grilled asparagus (a little too charred for one of us).  The shrimp were very nicely cooked, topped with a simple lemon butter sauce.     


What a lovely new building in the Heights for this recently opened restaurant.  For those who don’t live in the area, you may never have ventured this far up Studemont but keep going north, and you’ll see the brick building and valet parking on your left.  Make reservations — the place was hopping on a Saturday night.  Both the dining room and bar area were packed.  The glass theme is carried throughout the decor, including the menus and open kitchen.  The dining room, while sleek and contemporary, is smaller and has a warmer feel than, for example, Gravitas, although it was almost as noisy.  We did have a shaky start when the waiter, whose English was only passable, had never heard of a vodka gimlet, but that got sorted out.  The service generally was a little rough, although the bus help could not have been more prompt with water (which is left in a chilled bottle on the table) and bread throughout the evening.  Our food was great — we shared the fried oyster lettuce wraps, and then had the lamb chop/shank combo and the NY strip.  The servings were very generous.  The menu is somewhat limited and, by the time we ordered, they were out of the tuna and buffalo steak.  We made two red wine-by-the-glass selections from wineries unfamiliar to us, but both choices were very good and reasonably priced.  We’d definitely return to this place.

933 Studewood