Monthly Archives: August 2006

Cleburne Cafeteria

We hesitated to write about Cleburne’s less we lose our foodie status by commenting on something as plebeian as a cafeteria.  One of us has lived in the Cleburne ‘hood for a number of years and had never tried it until recently.  Now, we are regulars, usually take-out, but we eat-in on occasion.  There’s nothing fancy or gourmet about this traditional cafeteria fare, but it is very well done.  And the portions are amazingly generous.  We’ve tried many dishes, particularly the chicken and fish items, and we’ve enjoyed all of them, with the salmon and lemon pepper cod as our favorites (better than the haddock almondine).  The turkey and dressing is also great, as are the sautéed chicken livers and onions.  The vegetables are all fresh and not overly sauced or buttered, unless, of course, you want one of the cafeteria classics, like spinach or squash casserole, and they’ll serve you up a great version.   Don’t miss the whole wheat rolls.  We haven’t tried any of the desserts, particularly the cake, as there’s only two of us, and they appear to serve six or more.

Take note, Cleburne doesn’t take credit cards — cash or checks only.  Also, they close at 8:30 on weekday nights and tend to run out of several items after 7:45. 

3606 Bissonnet Street